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Clearing with skype is quite similar to a one-to-one session

I’ve attended quite a few clearing workshops in the last year. I always felt balanced and very much at peace afterwards. Now I’m experiencing clearing with Eric on skype on a regular basis. This is in a period of time where life is a big challenge. Lots of things are happening on the outside which […]

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Skype clearing – I feel relaxed and calm again.

I decided to try Clearing to help me with very high levels of anxiety that nothing I had tried before could shift. I found that before the Skype Clearing I kept falling back into old patterns of anxiety, I had experienced a break from the anxiety after the residential program in Tuscany but the old […]

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After the 4th clearing session I noticed big changes

Before I experienced any clearing I had many problems in my digestive system, my body was very restless and I felt burned out. My stomach had been painful for many years. I had a great fear of rejection. After the 4th clearing session I faced a situation that would have triggered my fear of rejection […]

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