3-day Introduction to Energy Clearing with founder Eric Dowsett.



Join us in the enchanting Mandali retreat center in Italy:

  • April 5-7, 2019.

Program begins at 14:00 on the Friday and continues through to 12:00 on the Sunday.

Energy Clearing :: the path of the fearless open heart
Move beyond limitations effortlessly and co-create a new reality based on compassion & awareness.

This weekend program will give you the tools, the awareness & the ability to gently disengage your energies from old, destructive patterns and begin to create a new reality for yourself, your family & community.

This mini retreat offers a unique blend of teaching, clearing exercises, meditation and silent time with Eric Dowsett, founder of the energy clearing method.

As your ability to understand the dynamics that create your experience increases so does your ability to make fundamental changes. Add to this mix the dynamics of the compassionate heart and this union of noticing and embracing provides an energetic shift releasing old charge from your personal energy system and the spaces you inhabit.

Practice during the weekend.
There will be many different clearing opportunities throughout the weekend varying from personal clearings in pairs and groups, clearing yourself, remote clearing and small group sessions. Our time together will explore, in a safe and gentle way, that which we have avoided, that which co creates the world we live in supporting us on our journey into a new reality. We will briefly touch upon the energies of the buildings, the land and the surroundings to further develop our awareness and sensitivity of the impact space and the environment has upon us, clearing as required.


  • Twin Share Room: €495.00
  • Single Room €545.00.
  • Cost include full board, teachings and exclude airfares and transfers to and from Mandali.

Booking and information:
Please email juno@junoburger.com

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