A Series of Talks



Each of these 5 one hour (approx) talks focus on specific areas where ‘clearing’ can benefit the practitioner and those around him / her.


Conscious Parenting – Through the ‘Clearing’ work we see, from a different perspective, the part we play in raising our children. With this new awareness it becomes possible to give our children a ‘clean’ start in life.

The Cause of Conflict – Conflict affects us all on many levels, often sub-consciously, it arises out of an internal  imbalance. By practicing ‘clearing’ we can restore balance internally thus avoiding conflict before it can arise.

The Law of Attraction – Through practicing ‘clearing’ we not only understand why particular situations keep happening, situations that we might find uncomfortable,we also learn how to change the transmission that is attracting these experiences.

A Quantum Shift in Consciousness – By ‘clearing’ our past we can make way for a future that we can only dream of until now. Support a global shift in awareness, see through the illusory nature of ‘reality’ and stop supporting old, outdated ways of being.

Cellular History – By understanding why we are the way we are, on a cellular level, it is an easy step to making fundamental change in the way we deal with life’s challenges.


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