A week of clearing – Mandali, Italy: June 21 – 28



The Fundamentals of Clearing 

Australian author and teacher, Eric Dowsett, has been sharing the concept of ‘clearing’ – changing the way we view ourselves and our relationship with the environment – for over 30 years. A student of his for the last 15 years is Marianne Sasse van Ysselt, a founding partner of Secrid – a Dutch brand with wallets in over 8,000 stores worldwide. Together, they will teach you the fundamentals of clearing, guide you to a compassionate heart and give a unique perspective on how to use energy work in business. 

This 8-day retreat is open to everyone: people who have little experience with clearing and those who would like to refresh or deepen their abilities. 

This week you will:


Expand and deepen your clearing practice
Understand more about the paradoxical dynamics behind clearing
Recognise and comprehend the power of the subconsciously conditioned mind
Create a safe environment in which deep shadow work can take place
See through the illusion of separation and allow the effortless unfolding of a conflict-free world, beginning with the self
Hear inspiring stories about ‘clearing at work’ from successful business owner Marianne, who has practiced the work for over 15 years

The practice this week includes:


Guided and/or silent meditations
Being present, aware and mindful in all your actions
Exploration into the nature of consciousness as it relates to clearing
Realisation that  to understand the secrets of the universe, you need to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration
Regular and longer periods of silence throughout the week
Greater sensitivity and clarity concerning the messages the body receives from its environment
Development of the ability to act on information received by the body earlier, avoiding compounding minor issues into major ones

The retreat is in Mandali Retreat Center, Italy. Included are:  

7 nights’ accommodation in Single, Twin or Premium rooms 
Optional yoga classes, every morning and some evenings  
Full board – vegetarian meals 
Fruits, teas and filtered water 
Free use of Body Care Center facilities: sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, indoor heated swimming pool 

Costs: €1,350 – €1,800, depending on room type (Single, twin and premium rooms). Includes VAT (price per person, including full board and tuition, excluding airfares and transfers to/from Mandali).

More information about availability, any other questions & applying for a place: events@secrid.com

More information about Eric Dowsett and Clearing can be found at:     http://www.ericdowsett.com/
More information about Mandali.                                                                   https://www.mandali.org
More information about Secrid                                                                        https://secrid.com/