An Open Introduction – Den Haag – Sat. March 30th.




A day for all those wanting to discover Clearing and its many benefits.


Like all things, the benefits of a new way can only present with practice, the more you can practice ‘Clearing’ the more obvious and beneficial the benefits become.


So, whether you are new and open to explore other ways of being, or you are already on this path, this is a day to develop your own practice.

“Clearing’ is a way of being that compliments all other ways of being, it does not discriminate nor does it blame. It doesn’t judge or take personally what shows up on its path.


Lunch will be provided by the Kitchen of Secrid

for more information, or to book your place  contact either or me,

09.30  – 17.30 Saturday March 30th

Saturnusstraat 81

2516 AG Den Haag