Discover the Stillness Within, Feb 24 – Mar 1.



Join us in this Winter Wonderland Retreat in the Italian Alps

This is a special program, going deeper into the silent self so that we may remain in the ‘clear’ state for longer.

# Expand and deepen your clearing practice.
# Understand more of the paradoxical dynamics behind clearing.
# Recognise and see through the power of the subconscious conditioned mind.
# Establish a practice so that you no longer have to depend on the collective to make up your mind.
# Create a safe environment in which deep shadow work can take place.
# See through the illusion of separation and allow an effortless unfolding of a conflict free world, beginning with the self.

The practice this week includes:

‘– Early morning yoga.
‘– Guided and/or silent meditations.
‘– Being present, aware and mindful in all your actions.
‘– Exploration into the nature of consciousness as it relates to clearing.
‘– Clearing chemicals and thereby allowing yours or someone else’s body to releases associated charge.
‘– Clearing medication to neutralize side effects.
‘– Realise that to understand the secrets of the universe, you need to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
‘– Regular and longer periods of silence throughout the week.
‘– Greater sensitivity and clarity to the messages the body receives from its environment.
‘– Developing the ability to act on information received by the body earlier, avoiding compounding minor issues into major ones.



Having attended a 5-day or longer residential program with Eric Dowsett.
Having practiced clearing on a regular basis
Having an good understanding of the basic principles of clearing.


Rooms and pricing, per person:

€1395   Bunks – 4 beds per room

€1495   Hermitage – 4 beds per room

€1495   Twin room village view

€1595   Single room village view

€1595   The Villa, 4 beds

€1695   Single room lake view

€1795   Premium twin room

€1895   Premium single room

There is a special early bird price reduction of €150, deposit of €350 payable by August 1st.

Early Bird discount will be taken off the balance.

For bookings and further information, please email: