Personal Clearing – Sligo, IE – June 9/10

225.00 195.00



The Heart of the Matter

Personal Clearing Workshop

Join us for this powerful weekend with Eric, where teachings and many clearing exercises help you move beyond your old, conditioned existence.

• Eliminate conflict before it becomes an issue!
• Understand the true nature of Stress & STOP empowering it.
• Recognise anxiety before it becomes a problem.

This is achieved by developing a state of ‘Edgelessness.’
This ‘Edgeless’ state reduces or eliminates conflict and releases stress and anxiety before it can manifest.
This is a time to expand your awareness and your sensitivity by accessing various energies, explore the effects these energies have upon the body and to safely and
gently release any negative associations you may still hold onto.
This is a time to recognize what you are feeling and why.
A time to move beyond the limitations of your conditioned past with a more open, fearless compassionate heart.


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