Staying safe and sane in a challenging world – an online course, new dates.

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An online introduction to the world of energy clearing

Do you occasionally feel overwhelmed by the current world situation? Would you like to learn how to better cope with the feelings of stress, anxiety, chaos, loneliness and conflicts, family and relationships?

Or perhaps you are aware of the power you have in creating the world you live in and want to understand how to act for the good of all, to better serve all of humanity and the earth?

Whichever of these paths you can relate to, of fundamental importance is the relationship we have with the self. Without finding this inner balance nothing we ‘do’ will, essentially, have very much lasting positive effect upon our world.

  • Feeling alone, unable to live the life you were used to?
  • Angry at the world in which you find yourself?
  • Living in a high state of anxiety, unsure where the world is headed?

These few evenings will set you on a path of greater understanding of the part you play in creating the world you live in. With this growing awareness a way to move beyond any current conflicts you experience arises, not because of something you ‘do’ but because of who you are becoming.

6 sessions, each of 90 minutes – By donation, with a suggested donation of €90 for the course.
Repeating a course = €60

(more or less is okay, dependant upon your financial state) – to register or make a donation, please email

June / July
June; Tuesday 30th, July; Thursday 2nd, Tuesday 7th, and Thursday 9th, Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th

@ 20.00 – 21.30 Central European Time – [6pm UTC, (Universal Time)]

check your local times.

You should commit to all sessions in your program.
Exercises to practice between sessions will be given.

Eric has been teaching ‘Clearing ’for over 30 years, during which time he has gone through many personal changes as the practice becomes a part of his life so the life has to change. What started out as a fun way to earn a living quickly became a powerful way to live. It has helped him move beyond the limiting conditioning of his past into a new, more comfortable, way of seeing and being in the world.