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Clearing with skype is quite similar to a one-to-one session

I’ve attended quite a few clearing workshops in the last year. I always felt balanced and very much at peace afterwards. Now I’m experiencing clearing with Eric on skype on a regular basis. This is in a period of time where life is a big challenge. Lots of things are happening on the outside which is affecting my inside – with a lot of nasty old patterns showing up. In these days, clearing with Eric is a big help to take me back to my center again and again. Now, after some weeks of regular clearing, I begin to feel a quite stable inner place, a place that I can get back whenever it’s stormy outside. The more often we are clearing, the better I can feel this inner place of centeredness and equanimity. It’s a lasting effect. My ability to deal with the challenging situations on the outside is growing.
Clearing with skype is quite similar to a one-to-one session. But it’s much easier because I can do it from my living room.