Eric Dowsett

Eric DowsettAfter being introduced to Space Clearing in Australia 22 years ago Eric has developed his own process for clearing the space and people based on his understanding of the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and non-attachment.

Eric travels the world sharing the knowledge he has gained on his own path working with the energies of the environment, restoring balance and harmony through a process of not doing. Balance and harmony need to exist within us before it can manifest and be sustainable outside of us. This became very obvious to Eric through his work with the environment and his approach to clearing the space and people reflects this passive but powerful approach.

One thing that has remained true all along the way is that personal safety is the key to opening up and moving beyond past limitations.

Eric has been teaching and sharing this information for over 20 years and has developed a unique style of presenting what could otherwise be a very complicated subject. Using simplicity, laughter and compassion, difficult subjects are made so clear and easy to understand, his audience is always amazed at how simple (and powerful) the ‘Clearing’ is.

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