A Weekend in The Netherlands, June 18 – 19




Clearing! How can it help me?

A Weekend Program in The Netherlands – June 18 – 19.

During the weekend we will explore just how and why ‘Clearing’ works. This is a different approach to life that you may or may not be familiar with, one that begins a process of awakening the Self to the many wonders of Being Human.

Plenty of time to develop your practice to make this more than just a process to apply, but a way to live more fully.

Eric has been practicing and teaching ‘Clearing’ both personal and environmental for well over 30 years now and brings his constantly updated understanding to share in a light hearted manner that is both easy to understand and apply.


Whether you are new to ‘Clearing’ or an ‘old hand’ this weekend will be powerful connecting you to like minded folk, creating a greater sense of community and deepening your own understanding of this way of being.

Join us at the ‘Secrid’ building, Satunussstraat 81 in Den Haag, (2516 AG) beginning at 09.30 and ending 17.30 each day.

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