Buddhism for the 21st Century – an online course, March 30th




Each session approximately 2 hours. Next program Thursday March 30th – April 27th

These dates are dependent upon reaching minimum numbers for the course.

Are you interested in understanding the teachings of the Buddha in modern language for modern times.

Eric first became aware of the teachings of the Buddha in his early teen years. His understanding of those teachings then was minimal to say the least, but there was a spark, like a tiny light in a great dark cavern.
For many years he read what he could and practiced as he was able. In hindsight this was just the very early stages of understanding, he actually realised very little, but still the small light remained.
It wasn’t until ‘Clearing’ showed up on his path that the teachings really started to make sense. Since his introduction to clearing his understanding of the teachings has improved dramatically.
Through the ‘back door’ of clearing many of the Buddhist Concepts have been made obvious.
Over the years Eric has refined his ability to translate complex issues into easy to grasp concepts putting together a comprehensive mix of ‘old’ teachings with ‘new’ in an easy to understand way.


If you are interested in learning how to apply some basic principles that will make your life –  and your ongoing journey more comfortable and begin to make fundamental changes to the reality within which you operate then this course is for you.

This course will run over 5 weeks, one evening a week for two hours.

Full Cost – €165.00

Repeating this course? Contact Eric for the greatly reduced priced.