Collapsing the Wave



This book is a must for anyone “serious” about changing the world they live in. While we continue to give energy to the old model we will continue to look for answers within the old model.

For any positive, sustainable change to arise we must first change our minds. This book shows you how to do just that.

Extract from the Introduction –
“What I hope to share with the words in this book is the total futility in fighting for any cause. I want to share my reasons for this point of view and explain how we can stop giving energy to any of the forms that conflict can take. We will see that change, world peace, justice, equality, freedom cannot arise and be sustainable from any particular
point of view while that point of view is born out of or only exists because of an opposite point of view.
It may also be helpful for those caught in a drama within which they feel powerless, to understand the nature of how their actions/reactions support that which they would rather not have in their lives. We are all caught, to some degree or other in the web of life that we call reality. It seems as though the only choices we have exist within that reality, perhaps this is not the case, simply because we currently believe it to be so doesn’t make it any more real than anything else. Once the world was thought to be flat. Once it was believed the sun moved around the earth. Believing didn’t make it so”.


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