E.O.D (every other day)




The current Daily Dose is for those needing a lot of support quickly, for the rest of us, leaving a short space between clearings is enough.

A lot of any initial clearing is assisting the release of any built up charge in the system. This ‘charge’ is a product of aspects of the self that we are not generally aware of, without awareness we are unable to ‘do’ anything about these ‘charges.’ If we fail to release these charges they affect our daily lives in many ways, the more the charge builds up, the more problems arise as a result. Because these ‘charges’ build so slowly, we remain unaware of their existence, unaware that is until they become really obvious. It is then we seek help.

If we are able to live a life where this charge does not build then a lot of the more disturbing issues we would otherwise face no longer show up.

This is where E.O.D comes in, to release charge and prevent it, by clearing, from building up again.But, don’t believe a word I say, try it for yourself.