Exploring an Alternate Reality – next online course starts February 24th




A Way to Navigate through the Chaos of the World without adding to it.

This is an entirely new course and is open to anyone with an interest in creating an alternative to the current way of being. This course is 5 x 2 hour sessions, between 20.00 and 22.00 Central European Time.

It appears as though the world, led by various forms of Greed, Fear and Ignorance, descends further into chaos with every passing day.

We continually see, if we are to give any belief in the media, constant attempts to fix issues from within the chaos. I doubt this has ever been an effective, sustainable solution, the hole just keeps getting deeper.

It seems to me, based on my experience ‘clearing’ over the past 30 or so years, that the reason for most, if not all, ongoing personal conflict / challenges whether they be physical, emotional or mental is a sub conscious attachment to past conditioning, a belief in how things seem to be. While we remain lost in the past we seek answers to issues from within the ongoing drama, in areas that are limited by our own thought process.

Because the collective are all down the same rabbit hole, with the majority accepting this as reality, the majority support the chaos without truly questioning the whole basis of the belief that sustains the chaos. Any questioning is superficial at best.

This program, one night a week for 5 weeks, looks at alternative ways of seeing the world – so drastically different from the current, accepted, view of the world – it is hard, if not impossible for the majority to grasp and give any credence to, therefore it is not something that is taken seriously as an alternative.

Through my years of practicing clearing it has become increasingly obvious that this alternative way exists and is attainable by all. First we need to be open to the idea of a different future, next, see seeds of the possibility, then we need to follow the path to that possibility.

We will explore where this path lies, where it has potential to lead us, how to develop a practice to attain this path, or simply, how to open our eyes to the alternative.


The Next Course, Starts at 8.00 pm on February 24th, finishing 10.00 pm Central European Time, check your local times. Runs each Thursday until March 24th.

Some of the main topics we will be exploring:

  • “The Old vs The New”
  • “The Masks we Wear”
  • “How we are Kept a Prisoner of our Past” –
  • “How we Keep Others Prisoner to their own past by our Conditioned Expectations”
  • “Shifting Perceptions”
  • “Maintaining an Alternative State’
  • The Many Benefits of this ‘New State’
  • Guided Meditations to facilitate change.

Join us as we work toward bring a new way of being into the world.

Out with the old, in with the new.