Introduction to Personal Clearing




Discover for Yourself the Power of this Approach to Life

This program runs over Three Weeks and starts on Tuesday February 28th at 8pm Central European Time
it then continues on Thursday March 2nd, Tuesday March 7th, Thursday March 9th, Tuesday March 14th and Thursday March 16th


This program introduces you to the powerful world of ‘Clearing’

Time will be devoted to explaining just what exactly ‘Clearing’ is, how and why it works with plenty of time to practice during the sessions.

Among the many benefits you could expect – assuming you keep up your practice –

  • Greater Peace of Mind
  • A World view that is not based on Fear
  • Less Anxiety in your life and the lives of those around you.
  • A Strongly developed sense of Compassion
  • Less extreme ‘ups and downs’ in your life
  • As Your World View changes so does the world that presents itself, making life so much easier with less conflict arising that you have to ‘deal with.’

Join us for this short program and begin to experience the benefits immediately.