Pro Active, online continues, December 16th




Pro-Active Clearing

Dec. 16th, Jan. 20th, Feb. 17th, Mar. 23rd, Apr. 28th

5 x 2 hour sessions every 5 weeks (all Thursdays, except March 23rd – a Wednesday – at 20.00 in Europe)

Much of the journey into ‘clearing’ has been to develop the ability to simply notice, acknowledge, accept and let go of that information / energy / feelings.

Eventually we must arrive at the next step, where, recognising the energy being put into the Quantum Field, The Mind, The Soup, The Holographic Field, call it what you will, is very much a fear based energy as witnessed by the growing number of the population under the spell of fear. It is this fear that should be counteracted upon. To do this, those joining this program must be prepared to face fear and move through the dark cloud of fear so that what they project / inject into the Quantum Field is without fear.

In order to collapse the bigger wave of fear – something that requires constant energy and input to sustain it – those wanting to collapse that wave must be without fear.

We will devote this program to facing and moving beyond fear, understanding what fear is and how it so easily manipulates people.

We cannot take the personality of likes and dislikes on this journey for it will only create more of the same, time to collapse the wave of fear and inescurity that has a hold on the peoples of this planet.

You should not apply to join this program if you are not ready to take these steps, mostly this is for those who have been practicing ‘clearing’ and developed a sound understanding of the principles.

This course is an extension of the intensive Pro Active which finished recently, The follow up series will be open to those dedicated to the clearing path and wanting to make fundamental changes to the reality within which they live.

Email me your interest in this program as a first step to joining us on what promises to be a very powerful part of the clearing journey.