Recovering From The Past – The Netherlands – Aug. 8 – 12



A new five day program

in the Wierschuur Centre, Stroeërdijk 1, 1777 PG Hippolytushoef

August 8 at 15.00 – August 12th  to 11.00

Join us for this five day program where we will explore just how much the past controls our lives together with simple yet effective ways to liberate ourselves from this controlling past.

Using ‘Clearing’ as a base we can see how our continued identification with old, accepted, patterns creates the world we live in.

Rather than return to fundamental cause we develop a practice that literally starves the past of energy. Following this process to a logical conclusion will mean that the past no longer has the same powerful control over us.


Eric brings over 32 years experience in this way of being to share in a light hearted, uncomplicated way the path he has taken.

Whether this is your first step on the path of ‘Clearing’ or you are an ‘old hand’ there will be many benefits for you, your family members, colleagues and friends as your world view changes as you tread the path known as ‘Clearing’

Single rooms are limited, so first deposits received will get first choice.

Full Price:     Single €1395,      Twin   €1195

EARLY BIRD PRICING:     Single  €1195

Twin Share       €995

If Non-Refundable Deposit Received by Friday July 1st.

Cost includes  accommodation, all meals and tuition. It does not include transport to and from the venue.