Space Clearing – Den Haag, NL June 24 – 25




Join us for a weekend of Space Clearing in Den Haag.

Saturday and Sunday, June 24 – 25, 09.30 – 17.00

Using this simple yet powerful method of restoring harmony in your home or workplace.

We will explore various energies that exist in our environment and determine how they affect us.

Armed with a different understanding of these energies and our relationship to them we can safely and quickly restore balance and harmony to our environment.

Among the energies we will look at are:

  • The Earth’s Magnetic Field
  • Naturally Occurring Underground Water
  • Geological Fault Lines
  • Technology
  • and Metaphysical (emotional residue) Charge.


Working with these energies will give you a greater understanding of the part you play in sustaining imbalance, without awareness.

Successfully clearing these pattern is empowering and liberating.

Cost includes a light lunch.