Let Go of the Past and Welcome a New Future – Den Haag, Jan, 21/22




Are you the mask that you wear?

We all present a face to the world but is this who you really are?

Look beyond the mask and discover who lives behind that face.


‘Clearing’ is a simple tool to help us move beyond conditioned limitations. When we can understand why we react to life as we do we can, with this increasing awareness, discover that perhaps we are not who we thought we were.


This is a safe and simple process, designed to self destruct, that helps us move out of the past into a new future.

Join us and discover for yourself how to safely bring the shadow into the light.

For those new to Clearing and the more experienced.

Saturnusstraat 81 • 2516 AG Den Haag •  the Netherlands

Saturday and Sunday January 21/22:  09.30 – 17.00

A Deposit of €250 paid before December 23rd will mean you pay the Early Bird Price of €305, a Saving of €40