Step into ‘Clearing’ – Step out of the Past – Den Haag, Nov, 19/20




Join us for a weekend of Personal Clearing in Den Haag

This is a weekend that will both deepen and strenghten your own ‘clearing’ abilities or introduce you to the simplicity and benefits of ‘clearing.’

Benefits which can be shared with family and friends.


‘Clearing’ is an ability which we all possess but are often unaware of it. We can develop this ability which leads to a more open, loving and fearless heart. As we all impact upon those around us, with or without awareness, coming into a greater understanding of this effect and how, simply by practicing ‘clearing’ tension and conflict fall away, effortlessly.

Join us and discover for yourself how to safely bring the shadow into the light.

For those new to Clearing and the more experienced.

Saturnusstraat 81 • 2516 AG Den Haag •  the Netherlands

Saturday and Sunday November 19/20:  09.30 – 17.00

Bring your own lunch or go to the Restaurant Loetje which is nearby.