The Daily Dose




No Stories

No Nonsense

Just a personal clearing daily… for one week…

some feedback from those who have experienced The Daily Dose:

I felt the benefit of it in many ways. I felt, and continue to feel, much more present than ever before. I also had a couple of profound dreams last week, from which came some powerful realisations, in particular in relation to the parenting issues that I asked for your support around. I was actually quite astounded by the experience and the difference this has now made to me. The other thing I noticed was that when an emotional issue arose I was able to clear it much quicker than I normally would, one issue in particular in relation to a dynamic with a friend just vanished pretty much instantly.
My husband said he had one of the most stressful weeks in work that he has had in a long time and found that, despite what was happening, he continued to feel happy and calm in himself, and was not as stressed as he would have been previously.
So many thanks again Eric for all your work on our behalf. I will definitely be signing up to the daily dose if you offer it!
First off I want to thank you again for allowing me to take part in this experiment of the Daily Dose and am especially grateful for the timing the week before our big election. I don’t consider this a coincidence and can tell you as an empath that it made my life so much more tolerable during this challenging time. Even with a 4 hour night sleep on one of the nights I felt full of energy and vitality like it had been a full 8 hour night. The entire week my physical energy was very even and more balanced than I had felt in a long time.
with much Gratitude, Peace & Blessings,
I loved it… And yes I think it’s much more effective than a clearing once a week.
I really feel more peaceful in the moment.
Sometimes just after a clearing I could feel some discomfort… but that’s normal I guess. But never for a long time.
It really is a journey. I will miss the daily dose now haha. Thank you so much.
I had a very challenging week with a lot of duties but I don’t felt exhausted. Grace to the daily dose I think and to enough sleep.
I’ m very grateful for your support.
I have had quite an up and down week, both with my physical (lots of tummy issues, back pain) and feeling quite heavy emotionally. However through the week I was able to keep perspective on not taking it all too seriously, and reminding myself not to match it up with a story (not for too long anyway), although I was pretty uncomfortable. I basically felt I was being peeled like an onion (ha ha)…..I don’t know if it is just a coincidence with the daily dose or !!!
Thank you so much for tuning in more often.
It seems to have impact! The situation here is a little complex but he has more control over his panic attacks and anger is getting less.