Tuesday Tune-Up




For €55 you can receive a clearing every Tuesday, for one month.

The nature of consciousness / energy is to be in all places at all times, so, no matter where you are in the world, or where I am, the ‘clearing effects’ are just as powerful as if we were in the same room. When I ‘tune’ into to your energy, or the energy of your home, my training allows me to release any tension held in either you or your environment and allow a more positive, relaxed flow. From this more peaceful state you are able to see more clearly, make better decisions and, quite simply, enjoy more of life.

Clearing has been shown, time and again, to have a powerful, positive impact upon all those who experience it.

With regular, frequent ‘clearing’ sessions the pressure of old patterns and associated stress is not able to build as it has in the past. The more your body enjoys this stress free state, the better you will feel and the easier it will be for your body to let go of old programming and move into a more comfortable, balanced state.

What can you expect from your Tuesday Tune-Up Clearing sessions

Better balance between feeling and thinking.
Freer to deal with what shows up.
Lose less energy, build more energy.

Tuesday Tune-Up works:

Tuesday Tune-Up is not a subscription, you’re not committed to anything. You book for a period of one month, starting on the first of each month. In some months, 4 Tuesdays are in other 5. After the end of the month, the weekly clearing stops automatically. I email you before the end of the month to ask if you want to continue, your choice.
After you book your month long sessions your first clearing will be on the first Tuesday of the following month.
The clearings are always on Tuesdays. You do not have to be at home or attentive in order to receive the ‘clearing’.
I clear by remotely tuning into you through your name.You do not have to send me any information other than your name.
Mid-Week Top-Up is affordable and workable because I give no verbal or written feedback about what I felt/noticed or any other explanation. During sessions The emphasis is on what you experience: if you feel better, you’re better!

Of course I’d love to hear your feedback. If you find you need more individual attention or specific information, you can choose a Skype session with me, just follow this link: Skype Sessions


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