OnLine Learning

Master the Art of Clearing without ever leaving your home

This series of videos has been produced to help you begin the journey into ‘Clearing’

The videos cannot be sold individually or out of the order they appear here. You begin with the introduction and work your way through the program.

The two introductory videos are euro 9.95 each, which allows for two viewings. Subsequent viewings are euro 2.50 each.


Each of the rest of each series are euro 25.00 each, which allows for 2 viewings.

After selecting the relevant video you will be asked to buy a ‘video ticket’ using paypal

You will need a good internet connection to maximise your viewing experience, these are streaming videos.


PLEASE NOTE, if you pause the video you can restart. If you close or refresh the page it will count as one viewing.

Should you require additional viewings please contact

When beginning this course you should factor in at least one personal session per video, this course would normally take place with a group of people and either Eric or a facilitator supporting the group. Working at home, alone, you do not have recourse to a facilitator or others upon whom you can practice your ‘Clearing’ skills.

You may book ‘Skype’ sessions with Eric to support each video for euro 60 per half hour block. Should there be sufficient numbers commencing a course in the same time period it may be possible to work with several people on a Skype conference call, this would increase the time block to an hour and reduce the individual cost, it is in your interest to spread the word and encourage others to follow the program.

book your session with Eric

We cannot be liable for misconceptions if you do not follow up the viewings with sessions with Eric.

After completing each of these programs you are encouraged to attend a ‘live’ workshop where possible, nothing can replace that experience.

Restoring Balance to the Environment

#1 An introduction (66 mins)
#2 The Earth’s Energies pt.1 (49 mins)
#3 More Earth Energies (44 mins)
#4 Underground Water (36 mins)
#5 Man-Made Electrical Fields (46 mins)
#6 Clearing the Energies pt.1 (59 mins)
#7 Clearing the Energies pt.2 (32 mins)
#8 Metaphysical Disturbances (74 mins)
#9 The Clearing Protocol (68 mins)

Personal Clearing

#1 An Introduction to Personal Clearing (55 mins)
#2 The Pendulum (57 mins)
#3 How and Why (55 mins)
#4 Blood Cells (56 mins)
#5 Cellular History (57 mins)
#6 The Journey Continues (54 mins)
#7 Karma, Birth and Death (53 mins)

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