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Skype clearing – I feel relaxed and calm again.

I decided to try Clearing to help me with very high levels of anxiety that nothing I had tried before could shift.
I found that before the Skype Clearing I kept falling back into old patterns of anxiety, I had experienced a break from the anxiety after the residential program in Tuscany but the old patterns were beginning to come back.
I was starting to feel down and anxious about silly everyday stuff. Since we started the clearings I feel like there is not so much building and I’m not feeling as bogged down. Since the skype clearing I have also been able to think clearer and have felt more able to make progress in different areas of my life….ie socialising, visiting old friends and also being able to consider making bigger decisions. Knowing that the opportunity for a Skype Clearing is there makes the stuff that does come up less scary at times. As an example, the other night when I felt dizzy and disorientated driving home from work, once we connected on Skype I could feel everything settling straight away..It just happened so quickly and I felt relaxed and calm again.